Saturday, 27 July 2019

Why We Quit SquareSpace & Moved to Blogger - by Anne Currie

When we set up the Coed:Ethics conference back in 2018, we built a shiny new website on SquareSpace and it looked fantastic. Unfortunately, great as the site was we realised that ethically we couldn't stay there.

The tech industry is one of the fastest-growing climate polluters because servers require a lot of power to run and we run a lot of servers.

So, we decided to switch our hosting to someone who had a stated position on the sustainability of their servers. SquareSpace had nothing about a sustainability commitment on their website and didn't respond to help queries on the topic. Perhaps they are sustainable? Who knows? In the absence of any data we felt ethically compelled to move.

As a result, we have relocated to Blogger on the Google cloud, which is currently the most sustainable large-scale hosting option. Does the site look quite as shiny? No. Is that additional shine worth the planet? No. In our opinion, it isn't.